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Pueblo Real at Tagaytay Midlands
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Highlands Prime, Inc. redefines leisure living to new heights with its upcoming Santa Fe-Mexican themed residential community, Pueblo Real.  The development is adjacent to The Horizon, facing the Highlands mountains to the north, the Tagaytay ridge to the west, the Tagaytay Midlands golf course to the south and Mt. Makiling to the east.

Master-planned to preserve the natural lay of the land, Pueblo Real’s eco-friendly design will create a place where wellness-centered living could thrive and adventure would be a daily pursuit.

Running through the whole community will be a winding creek and a nature trail complemented with bridges, pocket parks and bicycle lanes.  Open spaces will be retained at strategic spots within the village, allowing the constant stream of cool, mountain breeze to sweep over 38 hectares of beautiful country.

The architectural styles of the village will be a wonderful expression of beauty and functionality. Landscaping appropriate to the area will be used to enhance the village’s Old World charms. Tall palm and coconut trees and colorful bougainvillea will capture the eye as sinuous streets lead to attractive houses in terracotta and vibrant shades.

Homeowners will be encouraged to build rooftop porches with beautiful spiral staircases and tiled risers, where they can unwind and enjoy the Midlands sunset and the ever-changing hues of the mountains right above their homes.

More than just being a showcase of beautiful houses, Pueblo Real will also be a place where the company of family and friends may be enjoyed outside the homes. It will be the first village inside the Tagaytay Highlands and Midlands complex to have a plazuela with a village courtyard, lined with a café and a convenience store.  Adjacent to the plazuela will be a swimming pool where social functions and gatherings may be held.

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